Confucian Christianity

‘What heaven has disposed and sealed is called the inborn nature. The realization of this nature is called the process. The clarification of this process [the understanding or making intelligible of this process] is called education’

Tsze Sze’s First Thesis

Every Christian should strive to be as Christ was. This means, becoming an active participant in the process of the trinity. The trinity consists in Conception, Impulse and Manifestation. Christ himself can be interpreted as the personification of perfected belief, or enlightenment. If one can comprehend rightly and accept wholly the impulse therefrom, one becomes manifestation. To the extent to which one successfully participates in this process they are Christian, to the extent to which they fail in this process they are not.

This is what Confucius had to say about himself and why every Christian preacher should be very, very humble and cautious when advising their flock:

1. At fifteen I wanted to learn.
2. At thirty I had a foundation.
3. At forty, a certitude.
4. At fifty, knew the orders of heaven.
5. At sixty was ready to listen to them.
6. At seventy could follow my own heart’s desire without overstepping the t-square.

Am not I
A fly like thee?
Or art not thou
A man like me?

Winter on the pane, a fly’s thin legs,
Wings! A thing that flies;
And God commanded Noah to bring unto the Ark
Two of all things that creep –
That have the breath of life,
For unto the world has the breath of life been breathed;
A fly on the pane, while outside winter
Wrings from sorrowful trees
The sap born in living leaves,
Fluttering diamonds in the spring
And summer when the light is golden –
Supernal cloth for the lilies
And the dust which has the breath of life
And which moves as the fly that creeps on the pane
That God commanded Noah to preserve;
For when the dove came with the olive,
All generations which have been preserved
Were given to multiply,
All that has the breath of life,
All the dust that has the breath of life
Breathed into it – all things that live,
As God has willed –
As the fly on the pane in winter
To whom love turns
As unto all sons and daughters
Of the living Man.

Dark Light

Tangled, tangled with ten million words;
One is always verb
Though noun seems the case
As one has name
In the time pulse which ceaselessly turns
And opens and closes, uproots, revolves,
Comes bursting forth, Elohim in a face,
The wind on a dress
And the stars go passing
For the candle of the sun
With a gust will go
And darkness will hold all things
Like a pulsing heart.


The stars are naked giants shining
And the sun unadorned, in fiery brilliance,
Lends light, light, light, light
And the feathers of the trees are flying –
Earth is a leaf afloat on a river of light
And the moon in her nakedness is whispering
And the grasses have a song;
Water is poured into my veins from a silver pitcher.
Lightning breaks the frost from the window
And everything awakes!


They’ve broken the bulls with whips
And turned their heavy feet, metal shoes,
To labor that the lion shirks,
Reclining on a couch, all golden,
Sun brother, bright mane
And eyes incapable of being shod.

Confucius: A Brief Digest of The Great Digest

The precise verbal expressions of the inarticulate thoughts: self-knowledge precedes self–order; self-order precedes order of the family; order of the family precedes order of the community; order of the community precedes order of the state and order of the state precedes order of the country – thus the fate of the nation depends upon the, precise verbal expressions.

History is the sum total of effects of human willing; human willing is dependent upon human ideation; therefore if history is disharmonious or disorderly, it can only be addressed categorically by understanding and rectifying the ultimate roots – ideas. This is called diving to the bottom of the ocean to bring order to the surface.

The metaphysical presupposition of Confucian thought can be qualified as a basic faith in life – in both the structure of the universe as well as the human condition. Confucianism perceives as the ideal state of existence an absolute perception and orderly manifestation of man in his totality. This constitutes the fundamental divergence between the eastern, or Confucian, and western, or Abrahamic, soul. Confucianism is predicated on determining the natural constitution of id or instinct and modeling the personality and society on the proper realization of this indwelling nature – which is called looking into the heart and acting directly therefrom. The west contrarily, in the earliest stages of its personality and social formation, externalized the image of a masculine god who imposed arbitrary behavioral directives from a position of trans-human superiority. The eastern conception of ethics is fundamentally interior and feminine in the sense of relying on id, which is properly symbolically expressed as water or as the mother spirit of earth, whereas the west, in an embryonic prefiguration of what reason now is, conceived of a power which is wholly contrary to the darkness and from whom personal and social ethics have derived. This is what caused Robert Bly to rightly describe the west as predominately yang and masculine and the east as predominately yin or feminine.

There is an epistemological aspect to the divergence as well. Confucian knowledge consists in the illumination of the features of one’s immanent nature with an aim at understanding the purpose for every desire in order to formulate the most effective system to realize these intentions harmoniously or become the ‘whole man’. To the western, more exterior conception of things, the interior darkness is almost always ignored or suppressed. Knowledge, in the western sense, generally consists in the possession of a variety of facts that are primarily surface-oriented or rational. This antagonism to darkness is expressed in Freud, who brought the antithesis of faith in life to its apex when he conceived of the unconscious as nothing more than a prison for everything the superego – being a manifestation of the essentially Abrahamic formation of an externalized, and self-imposed system of ethics – deems to be incompatible with right existence. Where the Confucian system of ethics begins from a belief in human nature – from a certain level of deification of the constituency of the human soul – the west begins from an antagonism to human nature, or the preeminence of a deity fundamentally different and distinct from humanity and towards whom it is necessary for humanity to conform. Thus western civilization is predominately one-sided regarding its relation to what can be expressed by the terms ‘body’ or ‘desire’ and toward which Abrahamic forms of valuation have ever been opposed. Contrarily, it could be argued that Confucianism furnishes a civilization too one-sided in the opposite direction, placing too much faith on the idea that the root of universe is in someway synonymous with the human heart or the id. The consequence of the western system, though, must indubitably be division. The id is fundamentally evil in western thought: western man believes he must tame himself, whereas eastern man believes he must realize himself.

Confucian ethics are more rational and should ultimately tend to promote a higher degree of tranquility and a more fuller and prolonged sense of contentment in one’s existence, in as much as their first principle consists in witnessing the nature of the self without hostility and subsequently tending to the soul as a gardener does to his garden – by coming to an awareness of the nature of each plant, what is beneficial and what is detrimental, and organizing conduct so as to facilitate the most salutary fruition. The west, in contradistinction, begins with the external deity concept and establishes its first principle as a form of antagonism in accordance with the arbitrary moral precepts imposed therefrom: the eastern soul seeks to harmonize, whereas the western soul seeks to dominate and conquer. In a very profound sense, this external deity archetype is the fundamental root of the western impetus to control and the essential hostility to id is expressed in the general disregard for external nature manifested in the current and massive ecological disruption produced by human activity. Abrahamic thought systems are profoundly anti-natural – Nature is evil, god is good; all modernity has done is transfer the god concept onto empirical reason and convert the formula to the following: science is good and exists to subjugate nature. Thus western man is still living out an Abrahamic fantasy to the detriment of himself and the world.

These dichotomous strains of existence between the eastern and western soul constitute the fundamental divergence whose synthesis will be this century of history’s function. There is a far deeper divide separating the American from the Chinese than that which separated the American from the Russian in the cold war. The cold war itself was predominately a conflict of surfaces – Democracy and Communism being only opposed forms of rationality. What divides the eastern and western soul is a far deeper, implicit and predominately unconscious conception of what the nature of reality is. Both the eastern psyche and the western psyche are now clothed in reason, but their capacity to desire is conditioned by divergent metaphysical sensibilities – and reason is always a slave to passion. It is therefore ultimately going to be necessary for humanity to find a way to facilitate an integration, bringing congruity and synthesis, to the light and the darkness


Guillem de Peiteus

I hold the Aquitaine you know,
The king of France fears where I go
And If I should desire land
Possessed alone of royal hand;

Of men at arms more than a few,
With shield and sword and mail and too
A host of knights who to my will
Will hold their hand or strike the kill.

I could array my martial power
On any field – when light is showered
You’d think the grasses burned to diamonds
For all the armor, glittering, shining;

No Occitan can equal me
In lands that owe or men in fee
And if some fool offends the law,
I sack his fortress, cleanse the flaw,

Yet you who are as soft as flowers,
As graceful as the dove, hold power
With which I am rebuked and stayed –
Your will untouched by sovereign sway.

I’ve travelled with my countrymen
To lands the Saracens defend
And spent my blood in service for
Jerusalem’s, yet nevermore!

For why should I cross heathen lands?
Or seek the holy city’s sands?
Jerusalem is where you are:
God’s city, earth’s one godly star –

And this the case, then damn the pope –
His paradise has not such scope
Expanding as your gaze expands,
Whose beams out-bless the promised land.

Therefore if you will still refrain
To ope your silken gates, the pain
Is greater than all hell’s torments –
This song a prayer: Relent! Relent!

Arnaut Daniel

I am Arnaut! – and have swum
To the bottom of the ocean,
Though mind blasted
Past dumb
With every vision of her motions;

For she who holds the stars
As bracelet, one wrist adorning,
I have dove
Past far
To strike at devils – for her mourning

Is like as wind that shakes
The tree with cold divesting –
And each tear
Is sake
Enough for any dreamed of questing:

There, where lamps of her exist
Is light which turns sun fire
Dim candle,
For no day is lest she inspires,

Nor can birds wake to sing
Songs spring warm in morning air,
Unless she be
That thing
For which angelic trumpets blare.

Go now song to air where she breathes
Nor waylay your movement a jot
For any fool –
There wreathe
Her being in a splendor – and never stop.

Petrarch’s Ballad

These chains in which she holds my life,
As like the bird is caged –
A song of sorrow, tune of strife
As well as prison’s rage.

Aloft in airs of splendor – light!
My wings could take my soul
But now, no matter how I fight,
These bars will brook no toll.

If beauty is a type of water,
Then she is every sea;
If beauty is a type of slaughter,
Then she’s a Genghis queen.

Her hands as small and soft as doves
That twirl upon the air
Could best a lion, for her love
With godly power’s paired.

Each slender strand of golden hair
That winds around her face,
To border beauty’s portrait there,
The best of cupid’s race,

Are more of worth than chests of treasure
That burst upon their seams
With gold and diamonds, lost to measure –
One strand has more esteem.

Her eyes could wake the stars from slumber
Like guards of oath forsaking –
If she is up when day is under
The sky is in its spring.

The earth is slender, grown contracted –
There’s nothing where she’s not
And if her love is gone, retracted,
Yet still I am untaught.

As a bird in cage, she’s captured me,
Nor have I hope to go;
My freedom waits on the whim of she –
My exile or home.

Guido Cavalcanti

The soul is in a state so madly raging,
As seas entangled with a storming wind,
Or like the clash of armies, who, engaging,
Have equal strength and therefore none will win.
From her two orbs have arrows rained and poured
As thickly as the cold drops from the skies
Or like munitions launched from either hoard
When peoples go to war for costly prize;
And peace, whether in waters or in lands
Is lost as is the SOUL forlorn and doomed –
Her form, the planet mars, whose stern command
Is all of spirits die in conflict’s bloom;
And yet that she engenders so much strife,
Somehow her eyes still bring me all of life.


There’s nothing but pure brightness if she smiles –
The air itself transformed – as if her face
Were that same mythic stone that legend styles
Could alter baser metals to gold’s race.
She has such power in her very being,
None witness her that isn’t shifted all –
For through the portals of all earthly seeing
Her image glides and gilds the mental halls –
And even if the intellect is weak,
And pauperish and small with ignorance,
There is such grace attending as she speaks,
It will be palace fit for king or prince.
This is the power shimmering in her hair:
The force of her breeds diamond from mere air.


A calm sea equatorial I’ve known,
With waters clear as glass in which the light,
Illumines through the waves to bottom’s stones –
Where wind is softly warm and never bites;
And yet I know the tundra of that place
Where nothing is but snow and howling cold –
Where frigid winter makes a perfect waste
Of arctic white and blue – hibernal pole,
But if her lids are opened, if she smiles,
If happiness is tangible to eyes,
Then tracks of lifeless ice that stretch for miles,
A single breath transforms to southern skies:
One single breath therefore defies the rules
Of Fate – one breath unravels all the spools.



If I could but possess your smallest toe,
For just one instant, know this little you,
I’d be more blest than he who in whose throes
Possesses every woman that earth grew.
I sing these songs in fashion very old,
This love of mine the modern songs can’t chime,
This ancient love can’t fit the current mold –
Its strength gives proof to growth from distant times.
Oh, who could know the way your image burns;
The merest shade of you within my soul
Awakens all my being, makes it yearn
As life itself in earth that blooms and grows.
What causes all the grasses to ascend,
The fruit of every tree, you in me bend.


This wound is past all healing, medicine,
Though from Asclepius is futile; still
Within me sticks this arrow shot by him
Who wings his being, works his loving will.
No beast, no lion, not one prodigy
Of power nature from her womb brings forth
Can guard their heart against this painful sting:
His bow’d have Zeus himself relinquish court.
Ah wounded, wounded, past all healing drops –
A wound that gives a life and not a death,
Though pierced in that most center, nothing stops
But grows intensely in a wild yes.
Your batting eyes could bring a corpse to dance,
And I die wholly with your slightest glance.


This opened vein exposed within the heart,
These pangs that sound in all the living nerves,
This brokenness that breaks in every part,
This howling soul whose howl goes unheard.
I don’t think any of the balms of earth,
Not light in morning lingering trees,
Not dew that gleams on grasses, not the birth
Of heavenly light in heavenly mystery –
Not any of the graces that adorn
The passing hours shedding magic time,
Not any of the stars, the brightest forms
Can heal this suffering of soul and mind.
The arrow when I saw you was shot true,
It wounded deeply for he deeply drew.


Oh broken, broken by your heavy absence,
I cannot know if knowing had the worth
Since now I’ve known, I can’t unknow your presence:
This emptiness devalues all of earth.
What is the bird that dances sweetly singing
And glides a miracle in buoyant air?
What is the spring, the flowers it is bringing?
They mock your beauty but they don’t compare.
The world itself has grown a barren shell,
The stars above bring vacancies of light,
The mystery of being seems like hell –
Dead things devoid of your life giving sight.
Such as when god created from the dark,
Your soul to me, the world’s one hope, its spark.


Your eyelash is a heaven in itself,
The merest breath your blessed mouth exudes
Has more of sweetness than ambrosial wealth
Bedewing mount Olympus; attitudes –
The smallest movement of the soul within you,
Each thought that ripples in your very being
Are more of worth than all of human truth,
Are more of value than all human seeing.
Your glance could drive the world itself to madness
Your very look could crack the world apart,
All those who see, they break and break in sadness:
The arrows of your eyes wound every heart.
Your curling toe is more than galaxies
Insensate stone grow hearts if they but see.


To save your lips from tasting just one drop
Of pain, I’d drink an ocean, swallow all
The waters wrapping continents – not stop
Until I turned all earth a desert’s pall;
Then take the sorrows twisted out in dust,
The many banes that beat on human time –
I’d take them all, if only but to just
Ensure that not a mote of pain is thine.
Like Atlas holding all the world on shoulders,
I’d bear the burden of all suffering,
I’d take whatever cares afflict and smolder
In you, from you, therefore for cherishing.
I’d take your cross and hammer it to mine –
Your lightness lightens doubleness of pine.


The moon above, the sun and all the stars
Are dimly burning embers, only ash,
When they are viewed, compared from their afar
With you on earth whose light makes their light crash.
The cosmos in its vast entirety,
The universe with all its many things
Are not one cent of value when I see
The merest portion of yourself, you bring
Into my heart from your resplendent being
The finest joys to ever flux in matter;
The heavens ancient prophets once were seeing
Are in your very soul, all else is scattered.
I live a god forever in your glance,
A Buddha toils eons for this trance.


Your joy surpasses all the joys of heaven,
When I see happiness gleam in your eye
My heart is lighter than an angel leavened
In spirits purely clear as bright blue skies.
The merest shade of sorrow on your form
Turns light to darkness, breaks my very being;
I’d rather lose all things I own in storm
Than see one troubled thought afflict your seeing.
Your eyes hold more of paradise than books
That dream of Edens held right after death –
Ye, all religions, every heaven shook
From out a human brain to you are less.
I’d turn my own eyes blind, forget all sight
To save you from one single, troubled night.


I never knew a happy day on earth,
My lexicon was wrong when I applied
That word to things until my eyes gave birth
To you in me, the one that word defines.
The earth itself was barren as the roots
Of trees that suffer in a desert clime,
All being languished waterless, no fruit
Was here until the fates decreed your time.
What is the wealth of man, what human power?
When viewed next to your sight, when seen compared,
But empty bones, a corpse that crows devour –
The world itself not worth a single hair,
For you hold all the brightness that dreams mock:
Imagining brings but devalued stock.


The brightest star that ever torched the night
Is merely empty stone next to your presence;
Though it could brighten, bloom a massive light
It is a weed when viewed next to your essence.
If all the gods that work the waves and air,
If all the powers driving in the sun
Arrayed against me, I’d not give a care:
I’d stake my spear against their massive guns;
For just to be around you, in your spell,
That emanates such aura round your being,
I’d pay the cost, eternity in hell –
The sulfur torture worth one moment seeing.
All heaven’s mercy lives within your face,
Not all the years of Time can touch your grace.


If dreams could mirror but one ounce of you,
I’d never wake again from living sleep,
For such the truth, such sleeping would imbue
The stuff of life that waking doesn’t keep.
Oh, if those dreams could but bring me your glance,
The sound your voice made when your soul made speak
Those lips that blessed each word that passed in trance –
Made brighter than the sun when nooned at peak –
I’d turn ascetic to the woken world,
Deny my eyes the cosmic gifts of earth –
Spend fortunes on narcotics to unfurl
A never ending night – such is your worth;
And this unmoving rest would far excel
All glories of the earth – without you hell.


What song could measure in sweet harmony
The stuff of which you are, your very being?
Though humans mock the light electrically,
What lamp can match the sun’s far brightest seeing?
What word can hold one single touch of you?
What note could chime with your transcendent heart?
I’d waste the ink of every pen earth knew
And still not capture e’en the smallest part.
Such is the weakness of all artful trying,
Such is the beauty gleaming in your eyes,
A voice that speaks, in speaking, only lying –
In word or music you can’t be comprised.
Only your self, in your self being presence
Can match your self, no essence speaks your essence.


Your light has more light than those lights of heaven,
Both spheres of fire by our science called,
As well as jewels of dream by angels tended,
When earth was Eden, fore the giant fall.
Such is the way this soul conceives of you,
Far brighter than the universe’ throng –
Your light exults the cosmos, for you prove
All doctrines of futility are wrong.
If god is dead and life lacks meaning then
Your birth is resurrection – your bright form
Awakes a deity, your visions sends
Blest rays that burn all nothings in a storm.
In you is truth, the stars have toiled ages
To find your reason, only dreamed by sages.


If all the dreams that ever dreamed the earth
Were gathered all together and selection
Drew from each one what was its highest worth –
Yes, even if this brightest of collections
Were cast and formed by mighty angels singing,
Yet still this dream of dreams would pall and be
A feeble substitute, this greatest bringing
Could never bring the slightest touch of thee.
Your form transcends the hopes of all the race,
All gods that ever walked from human brains
Don’t hold within them any single trace
Of life’s best beauty, in your form unstained.
A book of holy reason’s in your self
Of more than godly dreams, your beauty’s wealth.


An ankle not adorned with some dull cloth
Is more than diamonds miners have exposed,
Through toiling, sweat and blood and working froth-
This smallest nakedness more worth than those.
And what if light could pry up to the knee –
No Affric enterprise, no Swiss bank’s stores
Could equal to that trove of ecstasy,
Though all the drills of industry have bored.
If they could tear the whole earth to the roots,
Find every carbon atom formed to brightness,
Grab every diamond in the soil’s soot,
Yet on the scales your weight exceeds their lightness.
There is no currency that man has dreamed:
All values wither in your highest beams.


No dream that from an angel tends my night –
That brings me sweet relief from all the days
Of bearing earthly burden, earthly blight
Can match the merest of your merest ways.
A smile on your face, more worth than stars,
A vacant look that strays from out your eyes,
A movement of your leg does more by far
Than any dream of god or dreamed of prize.
The way a brightness covers all your being,
The way from out your will a brightness breathes,
The way all graces find in you agreeing
It’s like Beauty herself has been unsheathed,
Oh what a weapon she has forged in you,
A two edged sword: a Hell but Heaven too.


If god above tends lovingly the world
And all this life proceeds from out his will,
If ancient dreams, dreamed right the cosmic swirl,
Yet still the earth without you means god’s killed.
For what is this bright dream, this total meaning –
This harmony of things in one great good,
If you, your presence, aren’t around me gleaming –
All heaven’s light’s extinguished in a flood.
No ark could capture me from out your absence,
No work of man can steal this emptiness,
No host of golden light can mock your essence,
No god exists, without your godly kiss.
Such is the metaphysics of the soul:
From you the broken universe grows whole.


And all the dreams that dreaming ever knew
Are empty effigies, the merest shades,
Thin images without a spark imbued,
They mock your being but they but degrade.
And dream other than dream made real in you,
What if a dream, could wander out of mind
And form itself in matter, be made true
Yet not yourself, it’s just an empty rind.
Such is the beauty blessing all your substance,
No dream, this dreaming mind of mine can dream,
Can touch in any the way the godly sense
That spent itself in forming all your gleams.
Not all the diamonds trundled deep in earth:
They’re mere burnt copper pennies to your worth.


What shrine could shine the essence of your soul?
What church could hold the power of your heart?
What work of man could praise your perfect whole?
What house of worship worship but one part?
These words but seek to build a temple here,
To speak one element that in you stays,
The stones are futile for you don’t appear:
The hammer strikes in vain to mock your ways.
Around my soul your image bends its light,
An absent presence, memories emerge.
I’m like a prophet with a second sight,
A vision seen because your beauty purged:
A waking pain, a blessedness of sorrow
To have god here today but not tomorrow.


Not Buddha sitting high beneath a tree,
Nirvana recollected in a smile,
Not these, not these are joys as when I see
Your love bestowing face, the beauty’s miles.
The spaces of your beauty span the stars,
The universe itself could only hold,
Within its edges from the far to the far,
This love that glows more brightly than god’s gold.
There’s no explaining how this heart is doomed,
There is no reason born to crack this kernel:
A mystery within the mystic blooms
Of every form existent and supernal.
There’s’ not one thing that is that isn’t blest,
But you above them all, God’s highest Yes.

2b or not 2b – A Drama of Unreal Estate

The Argument:

Life’s a stage, all are acted

Dramatis Personae:

The Self
Its occupants

Scene: a common apartment in a nondescript American city, dog on the couch, television, empty cans, books…
POET. No, no, no, such mundane setting will not do.
You must…

SELF. What the hell. Who let you in!?

POET. No need to make a fuss,
My presence isn’t such a sin.
That question has been asked before –
To tell the truth, I’ve been quite sore
Seeking why or how I’m here,
Ten-thousand years, my whole career
And all I’ve found is my own dream
And if I’m strong,
Its self-born scheme.

SELF. You know that speech is out of style?

POET. Still that sense for just a while
And I’ll explain, the mind is its own place…

IMPATIENCE. Oh get on with it!
The play has yet to begin
And my wheels already spin,
I’ve got to move. I cannot rest.

POET. The incessant pest!
Just look at you, you’re all disheveled
Full of gas to get somewhere,
A too high speed that won’t be leveled,
Running, running there to there.
You are current with no discharge,
Emotion with no catharsis.
But enough with you, my charge
(He turns toward SELF)
Let me create……..

SELF. You can’t rhyme with catharsis, can you?

POET. But none the less, here’s what I can do.
(He snaps his fingers with a flourish. Nothing happens.
Perplexed, he snaps again. Again nothing).
These goddamn nine,
Sometimes I feel I waste my time

PESSIMISM. He’s never said a truer thing.
Look, look you here upon my face,
You’ll find there’s not a single trace
Of hope; and you’ll see I’m quite right:
The world is clothed in endless night.

CYNICISM. Remember also you remain
For bread and circuses, the same
As all the rest:
Your eudemonia is constructed
Of sports and food, which if deducted,
Would sink your world in endless woe.

SELF. And Welker’s now a bronco…

CYNICISM. What keeps you here
But pizza, football and the fear
Of death when you are seeing clear?

SELF. Kovalchuck’s back in Russia too…

IRONY. Innocence has died anew

POET. Wait no, this is it,
The mind is its own place…

MEMORY. Forget him and remember all that’s lost:

Remember that great love is dead
That over-brimmed your seeing head:
The things don’t wear celestial light
That Wordsworth spoke within his night.

Think also of the friend that died
Like Lycidas – no reason why:
The horror of the hungry fate
That even in Arcadia waits.

Remember too
There’s not a thing
That you can do
To stop my sting

SELF. Enough, enough. Things have gotten far too heavy

THOUGHT. In that case and if you’re ready,
I really think I’ve caught the game.
See every word is but a name.
Say for instance I have ‘Stan’,
There must also be a man
From whom this word derives.
Thus every word the mind can sing
Must have its presupposing thing!

REASON. Forget all his vain prattle.
Listen here and I’ll describe
Just what it means to be alive.
If a man has stubbed his toe
Can he with all his strength forego
A cry of pain – can he say no?
There’s not a speck more of volition
In something like a job decision:
Painter, lawyer, clerk, physician,
Are necessary and conditioned.

SELF. Enough, enough, you all must quiet down;
I have some work I have to do

INSIGHT. I see some error in that attitude

SELF. You think that face is really needed?

INSIGHT. Let me explain just what you are and why
That though you might be clothed in ‘I’
And, as the common grammar’s heard,
Believe that you perform your verbs,
In truth, you’re no more than an ‘Eye’
As well as interest placed inside
By nature with that cosmic glue
That binds this prolix, spirit crew
(SELF stares at INSIGHT silently before another voice is heard.)

A LIGHT. Just think of the vast woof and weave
The mind creatively conceives.
Can these grand visions of the brain
Prove other than the world is sane?

A SHADOW. Don’t listen to that voice, don’t bend.
You know how every vision ends.

POET. Wait, wait, yes, yes. This is it. I’ve got it now,
The mind is its own place, and can make
A heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.
That’s it, that’s what I meant to say.
You have the setting – now’s the play.


A broken handful of ornament pieces,
the mind –
Things shift!
with the rapidity of death
and all the lights
that sing a conscious globe
into illuminated ecstasy –
as in the Rockefeller tree lighting –
the enormous pine
garbed like a beautiful girl,
a slim dress,
all being
sheer brightened –
so quickly burns
to raw asphalt,
blackened tufts of snow:
butchered hair of a brain gone mad –
subway-worm roots,
the pale, fluorescent lights
of office spaces –
Absolutely antithetical!
to the one pine,
dazzled in celebration
of the birth of the lover –
which all being is like
before becoming
a broken handful of ornament pieces.


Look at the men,
arrayed pristinely,
sharp manicured,
silk clean presentation
of a suit –
a sense of dignity –

And the women
in fine dresses,
elegant jewelry,
the sleek combed lines
of hair –
placid faces
of chastity.

Look, Nietzsche!
See how all the gifts of values
are manifesting in beings –
In cultures and ways!
In shames and prides!
See how the great metaphysical organ
of morality
plays societies like songs,
tapping on different foot petals,
opening and closing apertures,
creating inevitable effects.

Sometimes I feel as satisfied
as a prehistoric Neanderthal
warmed in an ancient blaze,
biting down on the succulence
of a slain mammoth,
See how the celebration is occurring:
The drums are beating,
The smell of sweat and skin,
The thick aroma of cooking meat –
The blood is on fire!

Now is the joy that comes
when fear which held,
drawn tight as bow,
is loosed:

Now the arrow is up
in the high dazzlement of stars –
all the birds driven with thirst
slaking at the river;

See now from this,
over time,
and the slow making
of many ideas –
the elaboration
of gods
in the systematization
of goods and bads,
and prides
and shames –
and chastities –

But see as one’s past
yet still lives with them,
imposing on their being
all times in the continuity
of their selves –

Thus all these civilized tendencies-
the man in the suit,
the woman in the dress –
are like ironic smiles
for the blood’s still tantalized –
still loves –
to bite down on the kill –
still feels,
as slightly as the wind
softly tugging grasses,
that can grow to a hurricane –
the ancient will
to dance round a giant blaze,
beneath the stars and moon,
for the mammoth has been killed
and there is only warmth –
naked arms and legs –
like an arrow drawn and launched
up into the splendorous spaces
of the eons.

One of Those Fall Mournings

The dry wind bites,
while vitreous sky
cracks for the cold
and in the crevasses
the brown dreams fade
all the leaves,
enervate the trees,
cap branches and prevent
the molding of fruit –
for the air is cracked
and the river is brown
and the somnolent water
barely murmurs
but trudges
as the doomed Indians –
savage pride,
roots deep in the manna –
for the cracked sky of Europe,
god killing railroads,
trailed to severed places.
The slow water
loses all its existence
nor will it touch the ocean
of sky’s roots:
seamless blue glass to focus
All the Sun.


Unkempt fiery haired joy!
Revelation in an instant,
Poked face from behind
The stone where you were hiding,
Hiding the sun,
As the grey, black, effluvial effusion
Blots out the blue sky
Like ink on a white page
To drop rain and rain and rain.

This day like a whale riddled with harpoon wounds,
Bleeding, dying,
Turning sharp, contorted reverberations,
Slowly decreasing in intensity
As an earthquake thunders
Before enervating
Into quieting ripples.

Now! Dolphins are laughing,
A turquoise, tropic sea
And the warm sun is an opened hand,
A medallion and a magic charm,
And they are leaping through the clear water,
And the white coral is buzzing,
And the myriad schools
Of rainbow illumined fish
Dart in patterns
Mapped out in things
As songs
Are mapped silently
In the heart’s own living darkness.

The Metamorphosis

Silence and in the branches
There are no gods testing pliancy.
The pavement that came with the enlightenment,
And is wholly manifestation of
Rational metaphysics,
Runs straight through the soul, drown outs
The dark mystery of creation with
Static, industrialized uniformity,
And yet the universal forces
Of Time and Life,
Will one day break every road
And flowers ancient as Empedocles will come blazing forth,
And Minerva will be seen to weave in the airs,
And Mercury will be seen to council with Bacchus –
As he sups on the essence of grapes and gives birth to a new sun in his being;
All the light shackled, bright stars and mystic moon –
Layered over with the dimmer light –
Will once more crash and expand and metamorphose .
For Faust has walked on the water
And Goethe has given the world
Drops of ancient blood like seeds
And the sick, pale yellow light will be as ice in spring,
Will be as stagnant air in mountain wind,
And from the crystal bright snow peak of Olympus Zeus will
Open his eyes
And lightning bolts like flowers
Will drop from the sky,
And the human race will be scintillated
And mere men will grow wings
To pick the lightning from the sky,
And taste the illumination in its surging,
And join the unending parade of stars
That will never cease in the marching,
For God is a pied piper
And the whole universe is swayed
By a music yet sleeping in bones,
As water was once in rock,
And the flowers of lightning
Will strike life from the earth,
Give birth to the ocean,
And Bacchus will taste the grape,
And with wings and winds
All thirst will be slaked.


The sky and the earth
Are two impenetrable planes,
Descending and rising,
With inexorable force,
And all of being
Is compressed
Into two-dimensionality,
Into a line,
Into a point,
Into nothing itself.

Primordial archangel

Primordial archangel!
Look at all these trees you have created –
The sky is an ocean vibrated
With your will;
Your power urges blades of grass,
Grows in the sun,
Topples civilizations with waves
And softly moves
Bodies overcome
With love;
Wash and wash and wash,
Surge in a lightning bolt,
Sing in the wind
And dance on the waters that move
Because you will them to.

Soul Concept

Think not of dying,
Touched of the good stuff:
Light in water
And a dream.
As the bird hatched,
With wings outspread,
Slowly tests the air,
Before she breaks the earth
And glides!
Driven by a force:
Light in water
And a dream,
List only to the will
Which gives for wings outspreading
Nor fear the air
But break
The dank, contorting, netting;

Surge forth all splendorous!
For the birds have wings
As vast as godly angels
And they are soaring, soaring
As if by angels blest:
Though your own false eye
May not let you seem,
The will in you
Is water,
And dream.


Goddamn you all looking down the nose,
All concepts of superiority,
All false valuations of differentiation;
Goddamn you all looking down the nose,
Even as I at times
Will look down mine,
For I still lug the weight
Of idiocy;
Goddamn you all looking down the nose,
IS trying to touch something,
Trying to get rid of something,
Trying to forget and
Trying to find;
Goddamn you all looking down the nose,
For none knows
What god knows?
Or who has yet compass
Of true north?
Goddamn you all looking down the nose,
All souls burst
In a mystery of stars,
Uncertain, unknowing and lost;
Goddamn you all looking down the nose,
Where humanity is,
There is need –
Though we name seas different,
Is there any division
In water’s substance?
Is it not always needed?
Is it not always sought?
Is the sky not dropping rain everywhere?
Goddamn you all looking down the nose.

Lover’s Departure

Every bone shouts with her going
Nor is blood other
Than hurricane ocean
For heart is a dying sun
And soul an earth
Where all seed held
Breaks and bursts:

Thus must she be
Life itself,
For elements wont to be
Vital as sap in spring,
Electric as skies in morning,
Tuneful as birds in warming
Lose fully of impetus
Without which
All stars
Lack reason to bring forth light.